Never-ending songs, music, stories and a lot of fantasy…….that was Josie’s environment when she was just a kid.


“My grandma always asked me to sing a song I learned at school while she would sit there with her finger ready on the record button of the tape recorder. I started singing, but always made up my own songs which would go on and on and on.”

Josie’s musical talent began when she was just a small child.

Born into a musical family and growing up surrounded by musicians, they often found her announcing herself and performing to an audience of dolls and teddy bears, making her daddy build electric guitars out of cardboard…

“I still remember watching ‘Singing In The Rain’ when my uncle had one of the main parts. I was very young and at the end of the show I was allowed up onto the huge stage to present the cast with flowers, while everyone was clapping and cheering………. I thought that was wonderful!”

From her earliest performances in front of the mirror, dressed up as her idols, she went on to perform in school and later, inspired by her musical idols such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, The Cure, Ella Fitzgerald, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey – to name but a few – she evolved into the talented artist that she is today.


The defining moment for Josie was her 12th birthday: “I was given The Corrs ‘Unplugged’ cassette for a present and when I listened to it, the songs and emotions brought tears to my eyes….that was the moment that I realized I wanted to become a singer/musician, to evoke similar emotions in people as The Corrs had done for me.


After spending a few years at the Music Academy and taking part in other musical projects, Josie got kicked out of school for the 2nd time. “I tried very hard and I wanted to fit in, but I had to face the fact that a rigid school system was not really for me” But, as the saying goes, whenever one door closes, another one opens; Josie united with music producer and musician, Jim Jonckheer. Working together for a couple of years focusing on vocal and writing skills, Josie came alive.


“The more I sing, the happier I become. I feel complete surrounded by music, being able to translate all the things I can’t say with words into sounds…. it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true”

Together with Jim, Josie finally had the chance to develop the material that was close to her heart. The two started working together on a regular basis, constantly experimenting and improving, and taking their time to allow the songs to evolve. As a result, Josie released her first EP ‘Josie’ in 2014.


Since then Josie frequently performed with Jesse Steurs on percussion and Bouke Cools on guitar.

They just recorded the 2nd EP titled "Pretty Faces", which released in March 2017 .


current set-up:

Vocals + Microkorg (Josie)

Acoustic beats + SPD-SX + Backings (Jesse Steurs)

Guitar + Lapsteel + Backings (Bouke Cools)  


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